The Start of a New Journey!


My name is Savvy Aggarwal; you can simply call me Savvy! I am 22 years old, working as an application support consultant with Infosys Limited in Pune, India. Writing has long been my biggest passion and hobby, partly because it lets me express my emotions, thoughts and feelings like nothing else does and partly because I had been doing web content writing all through my college till I landed a permanent job. Therefore, when I decided to embark on the journey of frugality and minimalism, I knew writing down my experiences and learnings along the way would help me connect with my evolving self better. Besides, it would also give me the wonderful opportunity to reach out to others who have been treading the path of minimalism and learn from them. After all, the very reason I connected with the path of minimalism and frugality is because I came across some amazing blogs such as Zen Habits (, Frugaling ( and Becoming Minimalist (

A recent graduate, I have found myself confused and overwhelmed in the last 7 months by this new life, away from the comfort of my hometown, Chandigarh, where I spent more than 2 decades of my life. Now I am managing my finances and my life all on my own. I draw a paycheck every month and with that not only comes the responsibility to run my living but also to manage my desire (or I should say impulse) to spend and accumulate new stuff. Strangely, I soon realized that my buys were bringing me more frustration and guilt rather than happiness. The happiness that I feel every time I make a purchase doesn’t last more than a few hours, but the guilt it entails follows me through days. Even more strangely, despite knowing that I would feel guilty afterwards, I still indulge in impulse shopping and mindless spending.

This blog is my effort at making minimalism the way of life for myself so that:

  • I can live with less guilt and more peace
  • I can discover true meaning and purpose for my life
  • I can travel, meet new people, make new friends and create wonderful memories
  • I can live life in a manner I can feel proud of.
  • And most importantly, I can give my time and energy to my family whom I love the most and who matter to me the most.

If you relate to my thoughts, please feel free to join me on this journey (the more the merrier!!! ). Through this blog, not only do I hope to become a person living a more meaningful life but I also hope to help others find joys in minimalism and frugality. After all, who said that changing your life should be an ache; it should be every bit fun 🙂